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Light Guest House is a new residential space located in the very heart of Reggio Calabria. It constitutes an alternative to the concept of hotel and has been conceived to put its guests at their ease by conveying atmospheres of warm and fine elegance combined with high living comfort.
Light Guest House is addressed to the guests who love design and technology and demand the quality typical of hotel services.
An intentionally unusual space issued from an initial concept which has been inspired by Architect  Francesca Ignani's clear design objective: to define spaces by mixing the materials that compose the horizontal and vertical surfaces, imagined as geometric sequences of straight lines whose rhythm is now marked by the light, now by the material. The result is a simple and elegant furnishing characterised by the "bright" white of the leather seats, of the beds, of the walls and of the fitted furniture which contrasts with the "material" Brown colour of the floors.
Reception services include a luminous hall which gives direct access to a small terrace garden where you can enjoy pleasant spots for reading or having breakfast.
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